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Wiper Premium Robotic Lawnmower

Wiper robots are automatic lawnmowers that take care of the lawn completely on its own and in complete safety. With nearly twenty years of experience, our machines are the ideal robotic lawn mowers for those looking for technological innovation, excellence, combined with respect for the environment.

Our wide range of robots offers a solution for almost every lawn.


WIPER: The best technology for your lawn

Wiper overcomes slopes

Overcomes slopes and level differences

The Wiper robots are suitable for any type of lawn. They can easily handle uneven terrain with slopes and level differences. The powerful motors built in Europe feature high-grip traction that allows the robot to mow irregular and uneven terrain and slopes up to 75% without any problem, ensuring even coverage of the turf thanks also to the excellent cutting capacity.

Wiper follows routes and tracks

Follow routes and tracks

Increasingly advanced cutting algorithms, together with the use of GPS and the “Satellite Dynamic Memory Cut” system, allows the Wiper robots to discover and map the entire surface, resulting in an even cut across each area, while reducing the time it takes to mow the entire surface. Wiper will keep your garden in perfect condition, while you enjoy your free time.

Wiper works in all conditions

Works in all conditions

All our robots can work in the rain and come with IPX5 splash protection.

Wiper is an advanced robot designed to operate in all normal weather conditions.
The rain sensor, which can be set according to your needs, will automatically manage the operation of the robot.
In this way, you will always have a perfectly mowed lawn.

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi building Italy
made in italy

About Wiper

Wiper robots are made in Italy: brushless motors, lithium batteries, resistant and reliable materials that last over time and a beautiful and well-finished design to offer high performance on all types of lawns.

As part of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS), a specialist in industrial robotics and renewable energy technology, Wiper focuses on not just developing technologies for robot lawn mowers for now, but innovating to continually create the next generation of autonomous lawn care solutions.

All Wiper robotic lawnmowers are innovated, designed and developed in Italy, utilising the latest technologies to make all platforms more efficient than ever before; both to reduce the time they spend mowing, and to reduce their environmental impact.

With decades of development in robotic lawn mowing, ZCS’s high performance mowers have many unique and patented features that enable them to give an immaculate cut in the least time possible, so your lawn can be enjoyed for longer.

The diverse range of mowers on offer from Wiper means there is a robot for almost any lawn size and type. Across the range you will find the latest electronics, connectivity, hardware developments, navigation technology and algorithms to maximise the mowers performance and make integration into your home seamless.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Wiper


The Wiper blade is durable, does not require seasonal maintenance and handles leaves and weeds well. They are similar to a conventional lawnmower blade. All these features of the blade favour the work of the robot in British conditions with the challenges that robotic mowers have to face.

Quality Components

Wiper robotic lawnmowers are made from 98% European parts. They are of the highest quality and durable. Decades of experience guarantee the best robots. Especially the drive and blade motors and motherboard components are of a quality and specification not usually seen on robotic mowers.

Flex wheels

Rear wheels with flexible rubber guarantees high traction in all working conditions. Very quiet on any surface. The flexible rubber allows the wheel to always be clean, even in very damp and wet conditions.

Robotic mower without the need of boundary wire

The Wiper Blitz – the ideal ‘drop-and-go’ mower.