I Series

Wiper I Series
The smallest and the easiest to manoeuvre.

up to 3,500m2

Ideal for smaller gardens, the I Series guarantees high efficiency and excellent performance. Quiet, practical, light and compact.
Easy to transport. Its small size makes it agile and easy to manoeuvre in small areas. Rapid handling, advanced technology, powered by a Lithium-ion battery, all ensure complete management of your garden and excellent cutting results.
It is even able to operate on less than perfect surfaces, managing slopes of up to 45%. Local and remote (“S” models) programming via the Wiper App is also available.

I100R with radar

Ideal for gardens up to 1000sqm, I100R, thanks to the radars that identify obstacles in the garden and the grass sensors that constantly measure the humidity and the continuity of the blades of grass, is able to work without the need to install a boundary wire along the perimeter of the garden. Guided by real Artificial Intelligence it is able to learn and memorise paths, obstacles and evaluate the necessary cutting height. It will only be necessary to install the wire as a guide for the return to the charging base.

The I Series increases its size and cutting capacity up to 29cm. Thanks to a considerable autonomy of the batteries and the use of GPS in the Smart models, it covers up to 3,500 sqm, guaranteeing a constantly and uniformly mowed garden.

This evolution of the I Series represents a unique solution on the market
with great performance, increasingly advanced programs and at the same time compact dimensions.

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