Wiper Premium I100R, no perimeter wire


The I100R is the brand new simple, compact, light, powerful and fast robot mower, which does not require the installation of perimeter wire. The robot is equipped with the most innovative technologies, which allow it to manage and map the garden by learning its characteristics. ZR technology integrates artificial intelligence systems with radar sensors, allowing the robot to detect grass, recognise obstacles at a distance (stationary and moving), edges and perimeters.

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artificial intelligence ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE obstacle detection with radar RADAR OBSTACLE DETECTION
smart grass detection SMART GRASS DETECTION Keypad & LED KEYPAD & LED
The communication technology that allows updating the software and driving the robot at close range.
Latest generation motherboard LATEST GENERATION MOTHERBOARD
The processors are faster and can process more data at higher rates, with less power consumption.
AMICO (optional) AMICO (optional)
AMICO is the technology that ensures the safe operation of a WIPER robot near animals wearing an AMICO tag. A bluetooth micro device to be put on an average/large-sized pet’s collar. The AMICO tag communicates with the robot as it approaches any animal with the tag and automatically stops the blade. When the animal is at a safe distance the robot will restart.


Max area (-20%) 1,000m2
Motor type Brushless
Lithium-Ion Battery (25,9V) 1 x 5.0 Ah
Max. permissible Slope 45%
Max Slope 35%
Slope on the outer edge or perimeter wire 20%
Average Working Time (hours) 04:00
Recharge mode Contact
Blade type 4 Point Star Blade
Cutting Width [cm] 18
Cutting Height (min-max) 25-70 mm
Spiral Cutting System Yes
“SDM” Cut No
“+ Infinity” Cutting System No
Eco Mode Yes
Rain sensor Yes
Manageable Areas Including the Main 6
User Interface Keypad & LED
APP Control Bluetooth
Bluetooth receiver Yes
Smart Assistant Yes
AMICO Optional
PIN Code PIN Code via APP
Perimeter Wire Length (m) 0
Fixing nails 20
Charging Station Yes
Cover for Charging Base Optional
Weight with Batteries Incl. (Kg) 7.2
Robot Size (L x W x H) 45 x 29 x 22 cm
Wheel Profile
Power Sound [dB(A)] 59
Level of protection IPx5

For the I100R to work properly in the garden and to stay on the grass it needs certain things in place to ensure well-defined edges to the lawn that can be detected by the robot.
Please read the I100R Manual to see if this model is suitable for your garden.


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