Robot redirect switch


The Robot Redirect switch is used to easily isolate parts of the lawn temporarily. Suitable for all robot installations that use a boundary cable.

Comes with

  • 3 Scotchlock 314 waterproof connectors
  • 3 Heat shrink connectors
  • 3 Heat shrink sleeves
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The Robot Redirect is used to isolate an area within the boundary of the robot installation.

The Robot Redirect is very easy to use, just twist the head, and the robot will be redirected. Twist the head back and you will include the entire lawn again.

The Robot Redirect allows for a customised robot installation which can be personalised to the customer’s garden and which meets the needs of their everyday life.

You no longer have to worry about the robot cutting the children’s toys, getting stuck on fallen fruit or mow the spring bulb flowers.

Robot Redirect is used for:

  • Play areas
  • Fruit and nut trees
  • Avoiding areas effected by rain water
  • Seasonal flower beds
  • Trampoline
  • Outdoor party areas
  • Grill and barbeque area

We supply the switch with three Scotchlock 314 connectors and also with three heat shrink connectors and heat shrink tubes so you can choose your preferred method of connecting the cables.

Scotchlock 314 Connector (waterproof)

The 314 Connector is the most used connector for underground installations.

This Connector is used for many purposes but is mostly used for underground connection with the boundary wire. The options for this blue connector are unlimited.

  • The connector has a white body and a blue cap. It is used to provide an insulated connection for 2 to 3 wires.
  • Use this product with a mineral oil lubricant to create a tight seal that’s resistant to moisture
  • The insulated connector is designed to work with 22 to 14 AWG solid/stranded wires
  • Corrosion resistance is provided by the tin plating of the element, which is constructed from high-quality brass for good conductivity
  • Suitable for use in temperatures up to 221°F (105°C)

Pro Heat Shrink Kit (double heat shrink)

This kit contains a heat shrink connector and a heat shrink tube, that together give the most secure underground connection of 2 boundary wires.

The first layer is our blue heat shrink connector that has tin inside to give a secure and great conductivity throughout the installation.
Second is our black heat shrink tube, this layer is made from strong plastic and contains a high level of glue inside. This makes the connection extremely strong and long lasting.

  • For underground connections
  • Perfect conductivity
  • High level of glue
  • Easy to shrink
  • Very strong connection