Robot mower 3.4mm heavy-duty boundary cable 800m


800m spool of 3.4mm heavy-duty robot mower boundary cable.

Used for the installation of robot mowers, boundary loop, boundary cable, search cable, look-up loop, guide-wire and much more.

Suitable for all brands of robotic mowers including Husqvarna, Gardena, Honda Miimo, Stihl/Viking iMow, Bosh, Ambrogio, Wiper and many others.

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The 3.4mm green Boundary Cable is a premium quality cable that works for ALL robot mower installations.

The cable is insulated with hard plastic to protect the wire. It is still very flexible and can, therefore, be laid with all cable machines.

The cable comes on high-quality wooden spools and is meter marked throughout.

Suitable for all brands of robotic mower installations.


Weight 6.3 kg