Wiper the Silent robot

Wiper’s innovative work system allows our robots to keep your lawn in perfect condition, with a cutting system that ensures complete and accurate mowing. Wiper is a puppy-friendly robot: it works silently to let him rest peacefully! Moreover, thanks to the sensors on the collar, Amico ensures that the robot’s blade stops in proximity of …

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The best cut, with Wiper

Suitable for any type of garden thanks to its articulated joint. The K series robots can cover up-to 6000 sqm cutting areas with efficiency and autonomy. Its structure composed of two closely connected units, but at the same time independent of each other, allows the robot to continuously adapt to the working surface and to …

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Enlightening a green solution

Wiper is the intelligent robot that takes care of your lawn in an efficient and sustainable way.We develop innovative solutions to offer the highest quality to our customers while respecting and protecting the planet.

Wiper is your water resistant robot

Precise and perfect cutting at all times with Wiper! Don’t worry about winter humidity or wet grass: Wiper is designed to operate in all conditions, without deteriorating in contact with rain. The sensors will automatically manage the functioning of the robot according to your needs.